How to dual boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 on Lenovo

Finally after trying out several configurations that didn't work I am now able to successfully boot a Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 OS on a...

Finally after trying out several configurations that didn't work I am now able to successfully boot a Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 OS on a Lenove G480 laptop.

First here's what didn't work:

1.) easyBCD doesn't work, Windows 7 will just boot as default.

2.) The process wherein you need to copy linux configuration on c: drive of Windows and edit boot.init.

What worked for me:
1.) Install Windows 7.
I have 500 GB (sda) and I divided it into 4 partitions:
sda1->Reserved partition
sda2->NTFS, Windows 7 partition
sda3->ext4, Linux partition
sda4->NTFS, Another logical extension for back up files

2.) Install Ubuntu 12.04.
->Follow the link in what didn't worked #1.
 Things you should take note, I install Ubuntu in my ext4 partition and the boot loader in the main drive: sda without any number.

3.)  Now when you reboot your computer you will notice that grub2 loader from Ubuntu is not loading. Why? Because Windows 7 has overriden it and we have to reconfigure it in the main hard drive for it to work again.

3.1) You need to create a bootable Ubuntu CD or in my case a bootable USB drive:

3.2) Setup your BIOS to boot from USB or normally you can press F12 to select the drive to boot.

3.3) Once booted in USB, click try Ubuntu (without installing, because we already did earlier).

3.4) Execute the following commands in terminal:

//update Ubuntu
>sudo apt-get update

//list the partitions that we have, as I stated earlier I have an ext4 file system in sda3
>sudo fdisk -l

//create a folder where we can mount the sda3 drive
>sudo mkdir /media/boot

//mount the drive
>sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/boot

//install grub (note without 3 suffix in sda)
//just disregard the error message and take note of --force option (we need this)
>sudo grub-install --root-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda --force

>sudo update-grub

If you want to know more about grub2 loader, look at this link:


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Anonymous said...

Did you try WUBI? Makes many things much easier.

czetsuya said...

Hmm, I don't need WUBI. As far as I know WUBI enables you to run Ubuntu OS on another OS (Windows). I want a totally separate Windows and Ubuntu on 1 laptop :-).

Vieira said...

Installing via WUBI is only a work around.

I have tried, but I notice two terrible Things:

1 Maximum of 30 Gb is permitted for Ubuntu WUBI install.

2. The partition where Ubuntu is installed is not full mountable (we cant see all windows directory, only Ubuntu installation).

I am looking for a solution for re-parting my disk without loosing any partition and backup solution on Win7. Lenovo G480 Disk is partitioned with 4 primary parts., which exhausted part. number.

I hope to help your choice (anonymous).

From Brazil

czetsuya said...

I'm actually able to dual boot windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.04 on the same laptop, but eventually was forced to reformat and just run on windows. Why? Simply because Ubuntu 11.04, doesn't 100% support my optimus video card, which causes frozen screen from time to time. Ubuntu 12.04 on the other hand shows many warnings that it's not yet compatible with my hardware :-)