Create a Restful Web Service in Spring

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To prepare the project from future development, we will be creating a multi-maven project layout. Unfortunately, there’s no automated way to do that, so we will start by creating the root pom. It contains the group name, artifact name, etc, and most importantly packaging which is set to pom. This is how it looks like [refer to the folder].

It’s now time to set up our very first RESTful web service project.
  1. Open Spring Tool Suite 4
  2. Click File / New / Other and select Spring Starter Project
  3. Set
    1. Name=terawarehouse-catalog
    2. Group=com.broodcamp
    3. Artifact=terawarehouse-catalog
    4. Description=Catalog Manager Service
    5. Package=com.terawarehouse.catalog
    6. Working set=terawarehouse
  4. Click Next
  5. In New Spring Project Dependencies windows select
    1. H2 Database
    2. REST Repositories HAL Browser
    3. Spring Data JPA
    4. Lombok
    5. Spring Boot Actuator
    6. Spring HATEOAS
    7. Rest Repositories
    8. Spring Boot DevTools
    9. Spring Web Starter
  6. Click Next and then Finish.
We will discuss their usage as we go along with the project.

Run the application by:
  1. Right-click on the project
  2. Select Run As
  3. Spring Boot App
By default, the application will run on port 8080. Let’s open it in the browser. This is where one of our dependencies kick in, the HAL Browser, which lists the  API for Spring data.

Next, we will take a look at the Actuator which is accessible at /actuator. It exposes a default set of APIs that provide the health information of the project. Let’s try /actuator/health.

More APIs can be exposed by changing the security configuration in the file. Set management.endpoints.web.exposure.include=*. After changing the file note that Spring STS will automatically update and redeploy the application. So we just need to refresh the page.

The list of exposed APIs should now be updated and must contain cache, login, metrics and so on [open metrics]. We can use these APIs to monitor our service.


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