Introduction to Google Site Kit for Wordpress

I. Introduction Google has released a new plugin for us - Google Site Kit. It allows WordPress users to access data from Google product...

I. Introduction

Google has released a new plugin for us - Google Site Kit. It allows WordPress users to access data from Google products such as analytics, search, page speed, Adsense and more.

II. How do we monitor our websites’ metrics?

  1. Google Analytics - a web analytics platform that tracks and reports website traffic.
  2. Google Webmaster Tool - web service which allows webmasters to check indexing status and optimize visibility of their website.
  3. Google PageSpeed - an online tool to help in performance optimization.
  4. Google Adsense - is a platform that helps blog owners like us monetized our websites.
  5. How does it affect our actions?
    These products from Google provides actionable aggregated data and possible course of action:
    1. What are the demographics of the traffic?
      ->For Ad-sense, we can offer specific ads targeting these demographics.
    2. What is the interest of the viewers?
      ->Perhaps we can write more blogs that discuss about these interests.
    3. From which countries are the most views coming from?
      ->For Ad-sense, I think a more specific ads can do.
    4. What devices are used by our viewers?
      ->If majority of our viewers are coming from mobile, then perhaps we can optimize our website for that platform.
    5. What are the keywords that drive traffic to our website?
      ->Write niche articles targeting these keywords.
    6. Which site refers to us the most?
      ->Perhaps these are community websites or aggregators where we can share our articles.

III. How to use the all-in-one Google Site Kit to monitor our website’s metrics?

  1. Installation - Login to your Wordpress account and under the Plugins menu search for "Google Site Kit". Install and Activate.
  2. Connect more services - Once Google Site Kit is installed. Navigate by clicking in the left menu Site Kit / Settings, click the "Connect more services" tab and setup the services that you need.
  3. Tour each service.

IV. How to check if metrics are being fetched from Google?

Aggregated metrics are pulled from Google and displayed under the Site Kit / Dashboard menu.

V. References


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