Learn the Good and Bad Habits of Working from Home in the Philippines

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I. Introduction

Today, I will go through a list of good and bad habits that I have gone through and that you should be aware of. Because as they say habits are easy to make but are hard to break.

Let’s start with the bad work-from-home habits that you should be mindful of.
  1. Over flexible working hours
    1. Which often-times result in overwork that causes burnout. Ironically, one of the reasons we are working at home is to have more time to relax.
  2. Abnormal sleep pattern 
    1. When working at home our mind thinks that it has the luxury of staying up late at night which results in us waking up late and feel sleepy in the afternoon and thus we sleep which in turn causes us to be awake late at night. This is a very bad habit as it reduces your attention to work.
  3. No exercise 
    1. Often caused by staying up late which makes you feel tired in the morning thus postponing your exercise.
  4. Unhealthy food selection, junk foods
    1. Without proper control, we have a tendency to buy and stock sweet foods in our house, which are really bad for our health.
  5. Feeding into distractions
    1. Too much social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc
    2. Working while watching videos on Youtube or listening to the audio on Spotify
    3. Remember our brain is a single thread, the more things we do at a time the less attentive we become.
  6. Sitting all day long
    1. When you are in deep thought or deadline is just around the corner. It causes a lot of pressure which leads to exhausting more work in front of a computer.
  7. Unprofessional dress
    1. What we wear during sleeping, are the same clothes we do while working.
  8. Isolating oneself
    1. When working at home we tend to exert more focus compared to when working in a company which can sometimes lead to this habit
    2. Try co-working space
  9. Does not communicate with the team
    1. Talking or chatting with teammates becomes a hassle.
  10. Working at expensive places
    1. Admit or not more and more remote workers are working inside a fancy cafe like Starbucks.
  11. Unhygienic
    1. When our schedule is messed up, sometimes even taking a bath is a hassle.
  12. Keeping pets nearby
    1. Pets are a very cause of distraction! I’m guilty of this one.
Now, let’s flip the table and talk about the good habits that a remote worker must-have.
  1. Establish a daily routine
    1. Especially in the morning, as it’s very important to activate the work mindset.
    2. Execute an exercise routine no matter how simple it is 
    3. As for me, I have established some basic stretching exercises.
  2. Establish a breathing exercise, if you don’t have an idea what it is, go to Youtube. It helps you relax and focus at the same time.
  3. Establish clear working hours including breaks
    1. For example, my daily routine is 
    2. Wake up at around 6-6:30 AM
    3. Do some house cleaning
    4. Prepare breakfast and eat. 
    5. Check stocks for trading
    6. At around 9 AM, I start to work.
    7. Breaks at 12noon and 3 PM. 
    8. I stop working at around 6 PM.
    9. I have a smartwatch that reminds me if I sit too long.
  4. Set a particular space for work
    1. Use a dedicated space for work only. Don’t ever associate it with other things such as playing games or watching movies. Otherwise, the line between work and recreation will be blurred, which will lead to unproductivity.
  5. Use 3rd party tools to manage your day to day work
    1. Google calendar/alarms
    2. Proj/ticket management
    3. These tools help you become more productive
  6. Save for tools that will make you productive and healthy 
    1. For example, a standing desk. So you don’t have to sit the whole day.
    2. A comfortable mouse, yes they are often pricey but they will cure the pain in your hand or arm.
  7. Initiate communication with teammates using chat with history
    1. It helps to clear things up and sometimes saves you a lot of time thinking and point you in the correct direction.
  8. Keep healthy foods around
    1. Learn how to go to the market especially in the morning to buy some fruits, vegetables, and fish.
  9. Avoid distractions 
    1. Like social media or watching NBA highlights when working.
    2. I can’t express it well enough but I hope you will learn to set aside time to do these things.
  10. Give yourself time 
    1. Set time to have a date, play video games or go out with friends. Don’t forget to have a social life.
  11. Join career enhancement events and make sure to create connections
    1. You’ll never know until when you will be working at home, so it is always best to keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your work. And that new connection of yours might be the one who will refer you to your next job. 
  12. Stay healthy, active, connected, and happy
    1. Always stay true to whatever reason you started working from home. Personally, it’s to have more time with my family and me. To do the things that I wanted and spent time with what I love. And I can guarantee you that it will keep you motivated.
Take note of these lists, especially bad habits, as sooner or later you will be tempted when you start working from home. Because remember, bad habits are hard to break.

Let’s take a pause here and in the next video, we will discuss the pros and cons of working from home. So a quick break and see you in the next video.


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