Getting Started Eclipse Plugins for Java Developers

Today I’ll be sharing some of the Eclipse plugins that I normally use on a regular basis as a Java Developer. Some are already installed w...

Today I’ll be sharing some of the Eclipse plugins that I normally use on a regular basis as a Java Developer. Some are already installed when you download Eclipse, others need to be installed manually from the marketplace.

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Let’s start with:

  1. Mylyn. Already available from Eclipse JavaEE. It helps with the task planning. It has the notion of repository and task, that you can connect to a 3rd party provider such as Trac, Mantis and more. It can also connect to a build management system such as Jenkins. You can create and manage a task like any other project management tool.
  2. FindBugs. It analyzes the bytecode to identify potential software bugs.
  3. Checkstyle. It checks your code comparing it to the default coding standard like spaces, variable names, etc. By default, there are 2 ready-made available configurations, Sun which is older and Google. Rules and checks are well-documented on their website
  4. PMD. Analyze your code and find flaws like unused variables, missing overrides, abstract class without abstract method, etc. Rules are available from their website I think some of them need to be updated to take into consideration the latest changes in the Java framework.
  5. Then we have Sonarlint which at first is basically just a combination of the 3 prior plugins. It provides a more comprehensive report though, as with a SonarQube the previous reports can be saved.
  6. Memory Analyzer. It helps in finding memory leaks and reduce memory consumption.
  7. Maven. A tool to manage a maven project.
  8. EGit. It allows us to import the maven project from a repository. However, most of the time it is broken, thus, we need to import the project using pom.
  9. How about the theme? If you are looking for a more Intellij like appearance, then you can try DevStyle. You just need to set the Workbench theme to Dark Gray and Editor theme to Intellij. Here is their website The plugin is available from the marketplace too.
  10. I’m not sure if it’s just us but most of the developers I know use the font Fira Code Retina available at Try it.
  11. Codota. An intuitive code completion plugin that takes other developers' experience and preference as the basis.
If you have programming related topics that you would like me to cover then please don’t hesitate to write in the comment section of this blog.



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