How to Add Plugins Via Compound Contribution Item

Recently, I've encountered a problem wherein I wanted to display the eclipse-rcp's list of view, perspective etc using the extension...

Recently, I've encountered a problem wherein I wanted to display the eclipse-rcp's list of view, perspective etc using the extension org.eclipse.ui.menus. The problem can easily solved by the ApplicationActionBarAdvisor, see the code below:
private IContributionItem showViewItem;
protected void makeActions(final IWorkbenchWindow window) { 
 listView = ContributionItemFactory.VIEWS_SHORTLIST.create(window);

protected void fillMenuBar(IMenuManager menuBar) {
 MenuManager windowMenu = new MenuManager("&Window", IWorkbenchActionConstants.M_WINDOW);
 MenuManager viewManager = new MenuManager("Show View", "showView");
 menuBar.add(windowMenu); //adds the Window menu to the horizontal toolbar
Unfortunately, this is not what I want and I want to take advantage of the eclipse-rcp's plugin system. So I ended up peeking into the rcp's core classes and found out a solution: What to do: 1.) Create a new plugin project, Hello World will do. 2.) Open plugin.xml and in the Extensions tab add org.eclipse.ui.menus a.) add menuContribution and sets its b.) right click contribution and select New->menu, change the label=File c.) right click File menu and select New->menu, change the label=Show View d.) right click Show View menu and select New->dynamic d.i) select dynamic and right click class*, name the class and select CompoundContributionItem as its super class d.ii) example: public class ListView extends CompoundContributionItem { } 3.) Now all we have to do is override the CompoundContributionItem's getContributionItems method, like this:
protected IContributionItem[] getContributionItems() {
 List menuContributionList = new ArrayList();
 IWorkbenchWindow window = PlatformUI.getWorkbench().getActiveWorkbenchWindow();
 IContributionItem item = ContributionItemFactory.VIEWS_SHORTLIST.create(window);
 menuContributionList.add(item); //add the list of views in the menu
 return menuContributionList.toArray(new IContributionItem[menuContributionList.size()]);


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Thanks you very much, I also encounter this problem, and it take a long time ti solve, after read you post, I can solve it now, it's great solution