How to Fix Custom Magento Module Not Showing Up

Well, after following these tutorials: http://www.magen...

Well, after following these tutorials:

I still cannot see my custom module in the system->configuration->advance menu. Fortunately, I tried clearing my cookies and removing all the folders inside var/cache and then my module is present where it should be :-).

Magento is great but it lacks solid documentations compared to the existing frameworks plus it's quite slow. But I like the way the system works MCV, spring. I think it's a mixture of several existing technologies, I just hope it will mature in the near future :-).


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Anonymous said...

Thanks ver much for this post. It really helps.

Tripti said...

It works..thanks , I was dangling for issue from last 2 days...

Anonymous said...

Clearing cache did it - thanks

ProgrammingPlace said...

Thanks a lot It really made my day


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