Learn to Setup Your Products in Magento

Before you can set up your products, the following should be set first. 1.) Attributes/Attribute Sets a.) In case you will define a custom...

Before you can set up your products, the following should be set first. 1.) Attributes/Attribute Sets a.) In case you will define a custom attribute set, which is not available under: Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes (such as price breakdown). Just open Manage Attributes and click Add Attributes. b.) After you have add all the needed attributes, the attribute group should be set: Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attribute Sets->Add New Set. 2.) Root Category - we need a root category for every store. To create follow the steps: a.) Goto Catalog->Manage Categories b.) Add Root Category, name it c.) Add Sub Category if desired d.) Add Sub Sub Category Note: Now we have a Category->Sub Category->Sub Sub Category list, we just need to add products. This is a 2 level menu. Make sure you set IsActive=Yes under the General Information tab for all the items. Also under the same tab just left the URL key blank. 3.) Manage Stores a.) Goto System->Manage Stores, and perform the following steps: i.) Create Website, selected is the store created ii.) Create Store, selected is the root category created and the store view iii.) Create Store View, store should be the one we've created Note: I suggest you create first the website, store and store view before you link them. 4.) Add Products a.) Goto Catalog->Manage Products b.) Click Add New Product c.) Select Attribute Set -> the one we've created, for now let's create simple product type d.) Set the required values e.) Most importantly don't forget to set the category i.) In the left column select Categories ii.) Click the Category and Subcategory that we've created, it should be a dropdown indented checkbox iii.) Set the Websites to the one we've created above iv.) Save At this point, we have setup the Website, Store, View, Categories, Attributes, Attribute Set and Products. When we open the magento's front end a horizontal menu should show up, the value is our subcategory Note: the .htaccess file should be properly configured to view the products. Just search google, there are different versions for windows and linux.


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