Qualities of the it Workforce in the Philippines

Small business enterprise would naturally need manpower to start their business rolling. However, the cost of efficient manpower may not be...

Small business enterprise would naturally need manpower to start their business rolling. However, the cost of efficient manpower may not be enough to keep the business afloat. As such, it is great news that a small business can start big with outsourcing.


Outsourcing relating to human resources management is hiring employees outside your locality. Most of the time, these employees telecommute, meaning they provide services or provide you the work online. As such, the basic tools that an outsourced employee should have is a personal desktop computer or laptop with a stable internet connection.

The small and large enterprises can benefit with outsourcing. One of the most outsourced skills in the Philippines is the IT workforce. You can see this with the numerous BPO hubs in the Philippines catering to different business overseas. Putting up a business processing outsourcing hub would entail that the business offers everything for the clientele. Regardless of the outsourcing packages that these BPO or IT workforce offers, they should possess the following characteristics:

Clearly defined purpose. Different clients require different skill sets. As such, each package of services that you offer should contain the purpose of that group. For instance, if you are offering IT workforce that deals with web development, the skill set of these people should be indicated and clearly defined. This will help the clientele choose and decide the appropriate manpower they need for their business.

Foresight. Outsourcing has its ups and downs. Software and programs do encounter bugs from time to time. As such, these should also be included in the set of skills that you offer. This would mean that you have considered what clients may experience during their use of the software or programs. A well-rounded IT employee can provide you samples of bugs and what they have done to address and correct the issues.

Strategy. The workforce should also include a strategy for your business. This may include proposals on the required equipment you need along with programs and software. After the implementation of the physical set up, there should also be a clear cut plan of how the operation of the business should run along with monitoring and projection of outputs. This will provide the clientele with a clear idea of the capital they need and the time that they should expect their returns on investments.

Dynamic. The IT workforce should be dynamic. They should be able to modify set of services that the clientele require with appropriate modifications of strategy to get the required results. This may mean changes in communication, operation or business process. Regardless of the changes, the workforce should be able to cope with the changes and show efficient performance as well as generate desired results.


Outsourcing is one of the best ways that the clientele can cut on operational expenses and improve their business. On the other hand, outsourcing also provides additional economic stability of the workforce. It is a win-win solution depending on matching of needs of the clientele with the services being offered by the IT workforce.


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