Career Guide: What Jobs can I get with a Computer Science Degree

Tons of possibilities are waiting for computer science students. With a good grip on whichever path they are willing to take on after college, they will be more than ready to shape their own future careers in Tech!

In this day and age, you have to hold on to your Computer Science degree as if it is gold. And with that value, you can create more out of it when you start working.

Entering the Tech Industry as a fresh graduate, you have to know the best career path you can take - and which of those good options are available for your taking. Not everyone has a clear picture of how things will look like for them after college. And if it’s time for you to start looking for a perfect job, research is a must.

Below is a career guide including the job overview, the skill requirements, and what related job titles are used. Best of luck with your career search!

Job Opportunities for Computer Science Students

The following careers are applicable to all computer science graduates who have a certain background or foundational knowledge on basic programming languages required. Each has a certain level of expertise and skill requirements in order to fill a job confidently.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers are responsible for creating software programs for computers and applications. Their tasks usually start from analyzing client needs, assessing the feasibility of their requirements provided, developing and testing the software, and maintaining it.

Skills needed:

  • Comfortable working with teams 
  • With good communication skills 
  • Adept in multiple programming languages

Related job titles: Programmer, Software Developer, Coder

Web Developer

Web Developers create websites. Their job includes structuring, designing, and coding the needed composition of a website that a business or client is asking for. They are responsible for making sure the website is accessible and fully functioning.

Skills needed:

  • Front-end and/or Back-end coding knowledge 
  • Must be able to communicate well with clients 
  • Must show creativity to meet client’s demands 
  • Ability to adapt to new types of environments when it comes to deployment

Related job titles: Front-end web developer, Back-end developer, Full-stack web developer, Junior Developer, Senior Developer

Systems Analyst

System analysts are there to help provide possible solutions to enhance efficiency in an organization, especially computer-related. Systems include software or hardware. They are responsible to check issues and provide solutions to better an organization’s operations.

Skills needed:

  • Business, analytical and technical skills 
  • People person who can manage projects 
  • Good problem-solving skills

Related job titles: Computer Systems Analyst, Business Analyst, Business Systems Analyst

Data Scientist

Data Scientists are what they call the “data guy” who helps an organization manage their big data and create efficient systems that are easily readable and extracted when needed. They are also responsible for evaluating and analyzing data so as to provide solutions for data-driven initiatives of a business.

Skills needed:

  • Data analyzing, managing, and reporting skills 
  • Must be well-versed in sharing data-related solutions 
  • Good with organizing information

Related job titles: Database Administrator, Data Analyst, Database Architect

IT Project Manager

Project Managers come from years of experience doing what a developer and analysts do and combined with good coordination and management skills. They’re usually the overseer of any IT projects needed to be done as well as analyzing better solutions on how a team can work better together.

Skills needed:

  • Can manage a project and people at the same time 
  • Knowledge on developer/analysts roles 
  • Leader mindset

Related job titles: Project Manager, Computer and Information Systems Manager

Other Computer Science Career Opportunities

Careers in computer science include a variety of jobs in areas of development, analytics, administration, academic and training, and freelancing. In development, popular choices include game development and mobile app development. In analytics, most chosen roles include business analyst and data analyst. Others are into pursuing research to continuously contribute to the advancement of technology, and others go with writing, content creating, freelancing, and entrepreneurship.

The IT Industry has endless possibilities

There won’t be a laid-out career path for you unless you write and go for your own success. In the tech industry, your career possibilities are endless. As long as you have the passion to continuously enhance the skills that you have, your career will flourish. Your future in Tech lies in your motivation to confidently curate your next steps after you gain ground or experience on a particular expertise. Never stop learning and always believe in yourself.


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